The Weeping Willow

Someone once said I was like a light for moths and it just so happens that a species of moths are attracted to my favorite tree. For those with short attention spans, just read the first and the last line.

Limitless Flow

Like the water that flows, she gives abundantly. Pouring out her heart full of love into those around her. Like the water that flows, she is limitless. Able to fill any emptiness. And move into places that no one else can see, without focusing. Like the water that flows, she can move with or withoutContinue reading “Limitless Flow”

Dangers of Loving

Forever suffering from multiple delusions Constantly drawing unrealistic conclusions Always bleeding without a sense of inclusion Please pardon my heartfelt intrusions A woman of many words and emotions Should dock her boat and cease reeling from the ocean A woman like that should ignore the notion The notion of love for which she shows devotionContinue reading “Dangers of Loving”