Happy Birthday Jesus! (12/25/16)

O Heavenly Father hallowed be thy name and the Savior of all hath won the game. Playing for keeps of the souls of mankind, although written in will some will be left behind. You gave yourself to God to be sacrificed for our sins and while we fight worldly ways you wish us to win.Continue reading “Happy Birthday Jesus! (12/25/16)”

Cultural Appropriation

She tried to shame me for my big butt, lips and thighs. Then went to the Doctor’s office to up her size. “Can I touch it? Is this your hair?” – ‘Yes’ I lied. “I wish my hair looked like that.” She sighed. Years later I pic’d it out and she came by. She petContinue reading “Cultural Appropriation”

Dangers of Loving

Forever suffering from multiple delusions Constantly drawing unrealistic conclusions Always bleeding without a sense of inclusion Please pardon my heartfelt intrusions A woman of many words and emotions Should dock her boat and cease reeling from the ocean A woman like that should ignore the notion The notion of love for which she shows devotionContinue reading “Dangers of Loving”