Pains Of Sexual Passion In The Patriarchy

Passion at its root meaning means “to suffer”. Are women who choose sexual freedom, freely choosing to suffer from sexual fulfillments projected by the patriarchy?

For being made and studied as oversexualized beings in a patriarchal dominating society it would seem so.

While freely choosing to engage in their sexual desires no matter the extreme, men still walk away with their power (may not be true for dominatrices). Lip biting, ass slapping and being called a bitch countless times during rough, wild, and sheet gripping sex seems to be the norm for the culture of women who so blatantly discuss their sexual freedoms.



The lines are blurred for this type of sex where you run from what causes you pain and simultaneous pleasure only to have to give into the pain until you have tricked yourself into believing that it is pleasurable.

The lines are blurred for this type of sex where your ass is smacked harder than you can truly bear, a limit that had been breached by your mother or father during child-rearing or punishment for cutting up.

The lines are blurred during this type of sex where you hear the word bitch and think, yes daddy but when a female counterpart or a man on the street refers to you as such it is unacceptable or considered fighting words.

The lines are blurred when you are slapped in any area for any reason but see harm in being done just the same on a regular day.

The lines are blurred during role play when you’re the naughty whatever and you must be punished.


The lines are blurred.

Is it not dangerous that you are taking on the familiarity of these micro degradations and simultaneously associating them with pleasure? What sort of implications would this have on one who has gone through the perils of emotional and/or physical trauma when addressed, by the man you encounter, on the streets? Turning such micro degradations into something that is socially acceptable is unacceptable and it feeds the cycle. Just as watching porn is connected to Human Trafficking but I won’t discuss that here, not right now at least.

The generalization of being sexually free means going against the norm and vanilla lifestyle, unfortunately there is no escaping the patriarchy. What you may think you are doing could also be something that you are undoing. Like years of feminist work. What are you choosing to suffer from today sis?

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