Dear, Young Melaninaire’s

There comes a time in life when you are shown you are an adult but told that you are still a child. Like, when you are staying home from school to work so that you may feed the family. When you stay home instead of playing with friends to watch your siblings while your parents party. When you are still expected to get good grades and focus in school when you haven’t had an ounce to eat or an hour of sleep; because sometimes the gunshots kept you up and low.

Drafted as an adult to only be talked down to like a child.

Melaninaire 1


What is the meaning of it all?

Are you an adult or a child?


Answer: You are, a mature young adult.


That’s your new title and you should wear it proud. Say it aloud! While you also shout to the world about how you are a Melaninaire be sure to tell them that you are a mature young adult Melaninaire (for clarification).


Melanin 2

At this point in your life, which 99.9% of you reach before age 15, you will come to understand confusion. You will experience fear and anger on the Richter scale. You may even come across more than your fair share of emotionally traumatizing experiences such as severe whoopings or being told that you are not this or that.

Through it all, you will come out on top. You will overcome. You will succeed.

Melaninaire 2


You will wake up and look in the mirror once you reach paying bills type of adulthood and see that you are one of and amongst the strongest beings to ever walk the Earth. A black woman. You will feel empowered because you will know that it was your determination that pulled you through and through.

The only handout you may have received was probably due the next day but you didn’t and won’t allow that to deter you from accomplishing any goal you set for yourself. It’s hard to set goals and reach for the stars when your view is covered by brick mansions, I know, but don’t stand in the same spot. Move to a different level so that you may see the stars in the limitless sky; because you are limitless.


❤ A limitless, mature, young adult, Melaninaire ❤


*If there are words you’ve never seen or do not understand please use a dictionary or google. Read! Be on the lookout for Melaninaire


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