Beautiful -by LaTeasha

I Need to Know I’m Beautiful


I need to know I’m beautiful

I need to know it when I wake up in the morning with crust on my eye and drool on my cheek.

I need to know it when my hair is a mess and my eyebrows ain’t on fleek.

I need to know it when I made yet another mistake that I cannot undo.

And I need to know it for myself cause this here beauty, is for me, not you.


I’m not talking about the beauty that is strictly glitz-n-glamor, I’m talking the gritty shit that built my character.

I’m talking ‘bout the pain ‘I’ endured that created morals and the reason why I’m so Goddamn Loyal

I need to know this beauty so it runs through my veins because I need it as confidence when I’m in pain.

I need it as armor when I walk in through that fucking office ‘cause them white muthafucka’s have a hard time seeing what I’m offerin’

As a black woman, I’m tired if doing it all by myself but it’s hard to depend on someone else when they can’t see your beauty like you see it in yourself.


I need to see it when no one else can, ‘cause I be damned if I let someone else paint a portrait of who I am.

I need to know my beauty so it infuses with my soul, ‘cause that piece has been missing and it’s time to take control.


**Inspired by my beautiful black sister-friend Erika, I love you E!**

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