The League (TLFO)

  The League of Female Owners Come one! Come all! Ladies, Women, Panty Wearers, Thotty-O's, Girlfriends and left-hand ring bearers; Gentleman, Boys, Bros, Boyfriends, Players, Thugs and left-hand ring bearers. We, The League, have re-opened the arena.  It has been said that there is a point in a woman’s life where she goes through a phase... Continue Reading →

The Secrets Out

  One evening at the Johnson household when Josiah was supposed to be setting the table, he was preparing himself for the speech he planned on committing during their daily family dinner.         Downstairs he heard his mom calling for him, “Josiah! Josiah, the table isn’t going to set itself!” “Ask Jamaal, he isn’t doing anything... Continue Reading →

In the Morning

Getting Ready: The Difference Between- Women I’m gonna swing from, the chandelier, the chandelier. I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist, like it doesn’t exist- Karen jumped up from her slumber and slid the ignore button to silence her alarm. At that moment, like every morning, she contemplated changing her ringtone. She rubbed her eyes... Continue Reading →

Beautiful -by LaTeasha

I Need to Know I’m Beautiful   I need to know I’m beautiful I need to know it when I wake up in the morning with crust on my eye and drool on my cheek. I need to know it when my hair is a mess and my eyebrows ain’t on fleek. I need to... Continue Reading →

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