The Tenth Child- Epilogue (2013)

At four in the morning on March 29th Mr. John Tyler rose from his bed to use the toilet. When he returned from the bathroom he laid back down next to his wife in their king sized bed. A few hours later Mr. Tyler was awakened by an alarm; he sat up in bed and wiped the crust from his eyes. When he could finally see clearly he noticed his wife was no longer there.

“Julia?” he asked the room.

When he received no answer he assumed she was downstairs preparing his annual birthday breakfast in bed. So he lay back down and pulled the cover up to his neck, turned on the TV to ESPN and watched First Take. An hour and a half through the show, he realized Julia still hadn’t brought him his breakfast. He looked over at their room door, and then looked back at the TV; Stephen A and Skip were arguing, as usual and Mr. Tyler decided he would look for Julia when the show ended.

The clock struck twelve and Mr. Tyler still didn’t smell any breakfast. So he hopped out of bed, put on his robe and went down the two flights of stairs to the kitchen. There were no pans on the stovetop and no one was in there,

“Julia, stop playing around. I’m too old for surprises. I could have a heart attack! Do you really want your husband dead at 40?” he said aloud. “I know what this is, you and the kids are hiding all around this house and you’re all going to jump out at me. I’m telling you all right now to come out, I just want to have breakfast with my family, heart attack free.”

He received no answer and proceeded to check the entire house. He walked to the left out of the kitchen, down the hall to the study. No one was there. Then he went down to the piano room, empty. He checked the basement, not a sound. Mr. Tyler then checked the family room, the living room, the resting room, the dining room, the game room, the pool room, the library; he even looked in all of the closets throughout the first floor and the basement. Giving up on the lower level he headed upstairs to the second floor. He checked all six bedrooms, six bathrooms and six closets, not a soul in any. He ran up the steps to the third floor, skipping the master bedroom he went to check the other three sets of bathrooms, bedrooms and closets.

“You guys have got to be kidding me, I’m supposed to be relaxing please just come out.” He pleaded. “Aha, I know where you all are.”

Mr. Tyler raced down the hall to the nursery only to find an empty crib, an empty bathroom and an empty closet. At that point he was fed up, so he grabbed the house phone and began dialing everyone’s cell phone numbers. First he called his eldest, John Tyler Jr.

We’re up all night to get lucky, we’re up all night to get lucky, we’re up all night to get lucky began playing in the distance.

He followed the sound of the ringtone and headed downstairs. When the ringing stopped, he hung up and dialed again. The song played and he traced the noise to Robert’s room. To his surprise all of the cell phones were hidden under the bed in a pillowcase. He poured the cell phones out onto the bed and a piece of paper caught his eye, it read:

Why don’t you go see how I re decorated the pool house

Shocked to see his ex- wife’s hand writing, Mr. Tyler ran down the stairs and out back towards the pool house. He tried to open it but the door was locked. Standing to the left side of the hinges there was a bat with a sticky note on it,

Try using this, it’s tougher than skulls

Without waiting another second, Mr. Tyler picked up the bat and swung it into the glass window frame; he used the top of the bat to clear the excess glass so he could climb through. When he got inside the pool house, wide eyed, he dropped the bat.

“Oh-no oh-no, Julia where are you? Please answer me.” He called out as he walked through the pool house. His heart felt heavy and his legs were weak. Splattered along the walls were long red stains. On the floor was a trail of blood, he followed it. The trail led to the shower, where he stopped at the threshold to discover, lying on the floor, eyes wide open, hair and face covered in wet and dry blood laid his wife Julia. “No, Julia, No!” He dropped down and attempted to resuscitate her. Eventually he gave up. That’s when he heard the whimper coming from the toilet adjacent to the shower; he picked up the bat and walked over. There inside the toilet was a bluish…

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