Creative Writing- September 2012

It was the year 3059, America and the entire world had been conquered by the IllumiNati. After fifteen generations of the pop-style IllumiNati city-state they had finally done it, brain washed everyone. With their music they preyed on any and everyone’s subconscious and who ever didn’t listen to them was shot on the spot. In each country they delivered headphones to every able bodied person, even the deaf ones.

Over in America, Sheryl was relaxing at home after a long day of shoplifting. The pop music in her headphones continuously played, each beat amplifying her desire to steal.

Then it happened.

The music stopped playing.

Five minutes went by, she stood still not knowing what to do, then she removed the head phones from her head. She started to feel a little weird. There was a need to look in her coat pocket… On the right side of the coat, eighth pocket down, she finds a map in the coat that she had stolen the day previous.

She then opened the map. It was a pretty simple map; it had a path and at the end of the path marked an X. X marked a spot. No longer feeling the need to shoplift she headed out of the store towards the X.

On the streets, nothing was out of the ordinary. The children were still torturing each other, the teenagers bashed cars with clubs and their alcoholic beverages in the other hand, and the women busy shoplifting while the men held the full jackets. She continued to follow the path. After a few blocks she hit a dead end and had to walk through the woods. Through the trees she spotted other people who weren’t wearing their headphones and carrying maps. Hmm, what’s going on. She stopped walking for a few moments. Should I continue on, this could be a set up, if I’m caught without those headphones I could die? Maybe I should turn back. She looks down at the map. I really want to see what this is, I’m going. I’m strong, I can do this. After a few deep breaths, she continued to walk.

About ten minutes later she sees a glowing red X on a building, and in the surrounding area there were the headphone less people she previously avoided…

Back in town Vernon Hotchner was searching for something new to shoplift, Stroke Her Lace steadily playing in his and every adults headset. Then there was a glitch, a high pitched sound like the noise nails make when scratching a chalkboard. That’s when it happened. Just Prance started to play; this was unusual because the IllumiNati would only play that song when they wanted to see people kill each other. That’s when Vernon and every other shoplifter grabbed anything that could be used as a weapon and began pounding on anyone…

In the woods, Sheryl and the rest of the headphone less adults were circling around the big X. Frozen. No one dared move or take a step closer to the X. Sheryl then spotted a window and through it she could see a huge computer. On the computer was the IllumiNati symbol and on the screen was the IllumiNati playlist labeled: Ohio. A green light was flashing next to some words; she took a half step closer and was zapped. There was an invisible medium voltage electric fence in place. But, she stole a glance of the words beneath the X that read,‘Wi-Fi On’ and next to that ‘Wi-Fi off’ was bashed and bent so no one could shut it down.

Sheryl thought that if she could somehow shut off the Wi-Fi then the IllumiNati would no longer be in control and maybe then America would restore Democracy. So, without thinking she lurched forward in an attempt to ‘Hop the Fence’. But the fence must have been taller than any normal electric fence because she was electrocuted to death.

That’s when Sheryl woke up gasping for air; Stoke Her Face was still playing through her head phones. She got up grabbed an empty thirty-four pocket coat and headed out to a department store.

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