A Lonely Love Poem- 2011

Everything that I thought I knew, I know now wasn’t true.

Society would say let you go but I want to be with you.

I have never given up on love and I wasn’t gonna start now;

 But finding out it was all lies?

Turned my smiles into frowns.

I built up walls that I allowed you to shatter,

But my heart and my feelings… they don’t seem to matter.

You asked me to hide my feelings in few words or less,

So my thoughts remain inside and this is me; getting them off my chest.

I didn’t want another like my last,

And I know you shouldn’t compare present to past.


It’s all just the same; every word is part of a game.

Brand new picture, same ol’ frame.

I felt you were different and maybe you are,

But I don’t know the true you just what was shown so far

Maybe it’s just me being a hopeless romantic,

I warned you when I fell in love, so why’d you panic?

If you feel the same way, let it ride

If you don’t,


I mean, yes, of course I’ll cry.

But eventually my tears will dry.

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