A Lonely Love Poem- 2011

Everything that I thought I knew, I know now wasn’t true. Society would say let you go but I want to be with you. I have never given up on love and I wasn’t gonna start now;  But finding out it was all lies? Turned my smiles into frowns. I built up walls that I... Continue Reading →

Creative Writing- September 2012

It was the year 3059, America and the entire world had been conquered by the IllumiNati. After fifteen generations of the pop-style IllumiNati city-state they had finally done it, brain washed everyone. With their music they preyed on any and everyone’s subconscious and who ever didn’t listen to them was shot on the spot. In... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Know Me

  You Don’t Know Me                   This tomboy. That little fast girl. Star. Punkin. Sweetpea. LexLeshay. You do not know me.       While you played with your rubber ducky, Barbie heads rolled around in my bath water detached from their bodies. While your mommy tucked you in at night, I rolled over... Continue Reading →


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