No Justice, No Peace- 2016

No justice, No peace, No silence in the streets except to mourn the deceased murdered by police.

Through blurry eyes the people seek the cleansing of the undercover sheets, but this is America don’t you see? Built by the greedy upon the meek.

Their worshipped ancestors washed upon these shores and enslaved the indigenous; too lazy to do their chores

Then they sought a different source, on a different course they found Africa; land open, with labor resources and more.

Kidnappings, money exchanges and lies were the lure. Babies snatched from mothers and out of their eyes water poured.

Whippings, brandings, lynchings, murders and burnings; and for not even a month this is a ‘peace’ of our learning.

Totaling five hundred years and even our youth are living in fear. Afraid to succeed in anything besides a dead-end career.

No teaching of the bombings and looting from the success because we are taught to believe that we were and will always be less.

Today, labeled as beasts and barbarians while their captors, murderers and Klansmen are seen as humanitarians. The wise question the  façade but remain still in the sanitarium;

Where propaganda is breakfast, lunch and dinner. Where the racists lead the races, who will be the winner?

Stuck in the sanitarium, eyes glued to the TV to which they are programmed to see- the stereotypical you and me.

The same image that allows Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman and Ray Tensing to walk free. I say ‘and’ because the list is too long, so lengthy

I need space to say to Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown and Sam Dubose may you rest in peace and tranquility. While we, will continue the fight in Unity-

Fighting for and against humanity, fighting through the trauma and calamity.

All day and night looking to the North Star for the light, and as it twinkles and gleams. We recognize that it is our ancestors smiles as they beam,

because they see that is is our turn to rip injustice from the seams

Of the American flag of these divided states and to finally permanently abolish systematic hate!


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