For Women

In a society where everyone puts on a convincing front, portraying themselves as genuinely confident, by waking up extra early to put on a full costume. No one speaks on the ugly reality of low self-esteem or general social anxiety. Where are those who want to speak life into others by showing them that these... Continue Reading →



Riding on the waves of life, I was washed ashore by the tide. Through perseverance and strife I was able to set aside my pride. No longer in pain caused by emotionally traumatic experiences because I'd decided to live life the way God intended. This journey has been a long one and I'm only twenty-two,... Continue Reading →


Safely on shore I ran through the woods, deeply entangled in the thicket of various hoods. Lost in the brown eyes and the sweetest of nothings, Still. I remained, constantly on the hunt for something. Wading by the water is my Savior. While, Still. I took part in lustrous behavior. I apologize and repent, only... Continue Reading →

My First Love

Sacrificed on the cross to pay for my sins, dead for thousands of years but living within. Teaching me how to forgive without receiving apology and how to release every, one and thing not made for me. How to appreciate those who show that they care, how to be omnipresent although not physically there. Oh,... Continue Reading →

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