Time of Birth- 2:00am

I needed time to heal. Don’t you see?

You fell in love with a shell. That wasn’t me!

It was two a.m the first time I pulled up.

It was two a.m. the second time. And you ain’t give a f*ck.

Running out of time. In six hours I needed to be at work.

Instead I fought you. As you rubbed my heart in the dirt.

At two a.m. I should’ve been reading my homework assignment.

At two a.m. you recited my obituary and signed it.

At two a.m. I should have been in bed,

not thinking, not dreaming, but resting my head.

No. At two a.m. I was with you just to prove,

that I had always been here and didn’t want to lose,

you. What it could have been was your fantasy.

What it truly was. Is. My prophecy.

At two a.m. I died again.

You may have Trumped me, but love wins.

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