Domesticated Abuse

Red roses, back rubs and champagne, A flash of his smile had me going insane Red roses, back rubs and champagne, Held in his arms, I'd finally been claimed. Red roses, back rubs and champagne, My heart in my chest, I tried to maintain. Red roses, back rubs and champagne, Professing his love in poems..... Continue Reading →


Black Coffee

A poem for those who drink coffee and love Dark Tall Bearded men that set fire to their flame. But ladies be careful playing with that type of heat.

Time of Birth- 2:00am

I needed time to heal. Don't you see? You fell in love with a shell. That wasn't me! It was two a.m the first time I pulled up. It was two a.m. the second time. And you ain't give a f*ck. Running out of time. In six hours I needed to be at work. Instead... Continue Reading →

Real Encounter with God

They say when it rains it pours and where there's thunder, there's a storm. So be thankful for the power and courage to return to the norm. Forever second-guessing and my mind was always torn, seemingly lost like in October's adventure through a maze of corn. Asking: what is the purpose? What for? Why was... Continue Reading →

Time of Death- 2:00am

At two a.m. I walked out of the club. At two a.m. is when brother's show you love. At two a.m. the lights come on. Clubs closed. At two a.m. filled with light and dark, I chose. At two a.m. I wondered off to where you were. At two a.m. I'd discovered you'd been with... Continue Reading →

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