The Secret

His chocolate against my brown skin,

We are one when he is within


I have a man and he, has a lady.

The events that led up to this point don’t matter.

The sound of the bed, the clang, the clatter

Makes every muscle, down below, tighten;

His anxiety, his frustration to some it may frighten!

But I take it, every inch, every thrust, every bite, every scratch;

To the power of my sex he is no match.

And when he can no longer take it, he bites his lip

I look down on him with a smile and with one twist of my hip.

He releases himself inside of me.

And now it’s time for me to leave.

I dress myself, he is still exposed,

laying in bed, he overdosed.

I turn to leave, he grabs my face.

And with one hand on my waist.

A kiss on the cheek?

No, in my mouth his tongue sneaks.

We stop and stare. Add a few small pecks,

Then I turn and make it bounce, like a bad check.


The Secret Intro

Beneath he arises, his strength inside of me, flexing and pulling all that he can.

I arise and fall down so eager to please, lips biting, tongues touching, lips swelling.

Our bodies belonging to each other, my ass in his hands, I am not his girl and he is not my man.

A secret for him, a secret for I, a secret I shall keep until I die. We do what we want we do what we please the only rule is: No telling