Given the name by her favorite great Aunt who she spent most of her childhood creating stories with. Star is the one name, other than her own, that stuck with her into adulthood. Star’s great Aunt gave her this name because she saw the light in this young girl’s eyes before anyone else, she told Star that one day she would be the center of attention and that she would command crowds with her words. Although her Aunt did not live to see the day Star would recite her first poem ‘My Shadow’ publicly, Star uses the name to keep her Aunt’s spirit in all that she writes.

Here, she shares with you and the world ‘A Love Life’, a collection of poems, articles, stories and free-writes.

On the Poetry Quotes page you will find lines from poems/poets that inspire her. Beneath select pieces there will be a link to youtube where she recites the works for you.

Any and all feedback is welcome. Thank You for your support!

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Peace & Prosperity!

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